Cowl Fitting Services are Flue Lining installers for all types of stoves:

  • Wood Burning Stoves installers
  • Multi fuel Stove installers
  • Gas stove installers

We are flue lining fitters and installers of all types in Solihull, Selly Oak, Hagley, Halesowen, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Bewdley, Stourport, Stourbridge, Redditch, Birmingham, West Midlands, Worcestershire and Wolverhampton. If you aren't listed in these areas please fee free to give us a call on 0800 587 9087.

Lining a chimney is often done as a DIY job but it must be remembered that since April 2002, work done to an existing chimney now comes under building control and must adhere to regulations.

A Chimney liner is used to reline masonry chimney stacks. It is available as a twin skin chimney liner for multi fuel use, or as a single skin chimney liner for use with gas or oil fired appliances.

Multi Fuel Chimney Liner

A multi fuel chimney liner is used for relining masonry chimney stacks. It has a twin skin construction, the outer being deeply corrugated, whilst the inner is smooth bore. We use this chimney liner for wood burning stove installations, multi fuel stove installations and open fires. It can also be used with gas and oil fired appliances.

Multi fuel chimney liner can also be used on gas fired installations, which then allows for the option of changing the appliance to multi fuel in the future.

Gas & Oil Chimney Liner

A single skin flexible flue liner manufactured in stainless steel 316 to BS715 is used for lining masonry chimney stacks. This flue liner is suitable for use when burning the following fuels:- gas and sulphur and proprietary additive free oils.

A Gas / Oil Flue Liner is used for relining masonry chimney stacks. It has a single skin construction, which is deeply corrugated. This flue liner is manufactured in stainless steel 316. This chimney liner is used for:

  • Gas fired installations (not DFE or LFE fires unless specified by the fire manufacturer)
  • Oil fired installations, including Aga and Rayburn.
stove11) Dustsheets are laid down and the fireplace is prepared. The Hearth is then laid (this is supplied by the customer). stove22) The chimney flue liner is prepared to be fed down the chimney.
stove33) The liner is fed down the chimney. stove4

4) The stove is then set up with the debris plate positioned. The brickwork is then completed, plastered and the chimney is backfilled.

stove55) The stove is completed with the fitting of the chimney pot & cowl. finished_stove6) A finished stove fitting.