Cowl Fitting Services Ltd are stove installers and fitters for all types of stoves:

  • Wood Burning Stoves installers
  • Multi fuel Stove installers
  • Gas stove installers

We are stove fitters and installers of all types in Solihull, Selly Oak, Hagley, Halesowen, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Bewdley, Stourport, Stourbridge, Redditch, Birmingham, West Midlands, Worcestershire and Wolverhampton. If you aren't listed in these areas please fee free to give us a call on 0800 587 9087.

How powerful a stove do I need?

A reasonable guide to estimating the heat output in kW of a stove needed for a particular room would be to take the volume of the room in cubic metres and divide by 14.

Stove Installation

Perhaps the single most important factor in installation is the Flue, the technical name for the whole of the chimney.

If your flue is sound (does not leak -a Hetas Chimney test will determine this) then usually a stove can be sealed to it at the bottom. As long as the correct top (Terminal) is fitted, all should be well.

If the flue leaks it will need repairing / relining, and this will often be expensive and messy (that's where we come in - call us for a free quote - 0800 587 9087).

A good first step is to get the chimney swept and ask the chimney sweep to do a smoke test to check that it is not leaking (again, we can do that, call us for a free quote - 0800 587 9087).

It is worth noting that a stove which is only used intermittently will generally work better with a lined flue. This is because with a stove only about 20% of the heat will escape up the flue, compared with say 75% for an open fire. A large brick flue will take a while to get to its best operating temperature when used with a stove.

Supply And Fitting Of Stoves

hetas_logo_lgWe supply and fit stoves for you to HETAS regulations - if you wish to supply a stove for fitting that you have purchased elsewhere, we will be happy to fit it.

Stove fitting is dependant on whether your chimney is lined or not and whether it requires lining. A Hetas Chimney test will determine this - we are HETAS Registered Competent persons for testing chimneys intended for use with Solid Fuels and can carry out the test for you.

If you need your chimney lining we will determine this during the test and will be able to carry this out for you as part of the installation:


1) Dustsheets are laid down and the fireplace is prepared. The Hearth is then laid (this is supplied by the customer).


2) The chimney flue liner is prepared to be fed down the chimney.


3) The liner is fed down the chimney.


4) The stove is then set up with the debris plate positioned. The brickwork is then completed, plastered and the chimney is backfilled.


5) The stove is completed with the fitting of the chimney pot & cowl.


6) A finished stove fitting.

The complete job will take around one day. We will he happy to provide a quotation - all quotations depend on a Hetas Chimney Test and are supplied without obligation.

All work is fully guaranteed and is fully certified. Please call 0800 587 9087 for a free quotation.